Daily Glixel: ESL Signs Exclusive Streaming Deal With Facebook

'CS:GO' Pro League and ESL One will now air on the social media platform.

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YouTubers, Twitch Streamers Open Up About Burnout
PewDiePie via YouTube2/5

YouTubers, Twitch Streamers Open Up About Burnout

Over on Polygon, writer Julia Alexander takes an in-depth look at a growing problem amongst YouTubers and Twitch streamers – severe burnout. A number of online personalities spoke about the issue recently, including PewDiePie, Lirik, and Angry Joe. Trying to produce good content on a daily basis can be stressful, and it's apparently impacting some people's mental health.

"I just don't feel entertaining anymore and don't really know why people continue to watch," Lirik tweeted earlier this month. "It's like going on stage every fucking day and not knowing what to say anymore because you are out of material."

Katrina Gay, national director for strategic partnerships at the National Alliance on Mental Illness, tells Polygon the best thing entertainers can do to prevent burnout is know when to take a break and focus on other things. "Making sure that you stay balanced is essential," she says.

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