Daily Glixel: ESL Signs Exclusive Streaming Deal With Facebook

'CS:GO' Pro League and ESL One will now air on the social media platform.

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New 'Vampyr' Short Explores Creation of Its Bloodthirsty Protagonist

Studio Dontnod just launched a new web series for its upcoming action-RPG Vampyr. The first episode, Making Monsters, shows off some exclusive gameplay footage while diving into the team's creative process. It focuses mostly on the game's protagonist, the doctor-turned-vampire Jonathan Reid.

"What interests me about vampires compared with other supernatural creatures, like werewolves or ghouls, is that the vampire is self-aware of their nature as a creature, as a predator," says game director Philippe Moreau. "They are intelligent. This is intriguing for me because we can use this notion of dilemma, of moral choice, with the vampire figure."

Three more Vampyr shorts will arrive every Thursday. The game comes out in Spring 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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