Daily Glixel: ESA Criticizes Trump's 'Shithole Countries' Comment

The game publisher lobbyist calls the president's words 'repulsive.'

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'Monster Hunter: World' Won't Have Loot Boxes, Producer Says

'Monster Hunter: World' Won't Have Loot Boxes, Producer Says

In a recent interview with Trusted Reviews, Monster Hunter series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto says there are "absolutely no plans" to put microtransactions or loot boxes into the latest entry in the series, Monster Hunter: World. He says World's core gameplay loop and learning how to defeat its monsters are the keys to enjoying it, and including ways to circumvent those challenges just to make more money would spoil the experience.

"This is a co-op game and you’re going out in up to four-people parties," Tsujimoto tells Trusted Reviews via a translator. "The idea is that there's a harmony in the four players going out and you’re going to get on well together. If you feel someone hasn't earned what they've got or they've got a better weapon just because they paid for it and you worked for yours, that creates friction."

Monster Hunter: World comes out on consoles January 26th. A PC version is planned for later this year.

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