Daily Glixel: Elon Musk's Leaked Number Leads to Video Game Easter Egg

He accidentally tweeted his digits to the world yesterday.

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Ubisoft Replaces Controversial 'For Honor' Groping Animation

Ubisoft Replaces Controversial 'For Honor' Groping Animation

Fighting game For Honor just replaced a racy finishing move after some controversy about its inclusion in the game. The "No Touching" emote belongs to the Valkyrie character class, and it depicts an enemy combatant getting speared, stumbling forward, and grabbing the Norse warrior's breasts as he regains his balance.

Ubisoft quickly pulled the emote, telling Kotaku it was "incorrectly made available in-game and removed within an hour of release." "We felt it was insensitive content and thus changed the execution," a spokesperson added.

The new emote now has the defeated enemy falling on Valkyrie's shield instead, but some fans are upset about the change.

"Killing an unarmed person while they kneel hopelessly while your character laughs and slits their throat? That’s fine," writes one redditor. "Crushing someone's fucking skull using nothing but bare hands while they scream? That’s fine. Original 'No Touching' execution? Oh no, that’s just too far."

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