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He accidentally tweeted his digits to the world yesterday.

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Blizzard is Changing How 'Overwatch' Characters Move
Blizzard Entertainment2/5

Blizzard is Changing How 'Overwatch' Characters Move

Over on Overwatch's Public Test Realm, Blizzard is making some changes to how heroes move and accelerate. The tweaks were originally meant to fix bugs on a couple of heroes, but the team decided to make them systemic, game director Jeff Kaplan explains in a forum post.

"Specifically, movement on the ground is much more consistent," he writes. "Going up/down inclines will no longer affect the Hero’s speed. Previously, inclines could either make you move slightly faster or slightly slower, depending on the circumstances. Inclines will also no longer cause a small amount of strafing movement when moving diagonally on them."

These changes will also give players better air control, Kaplan adds. For example, Winston can now make small adjustments to his flight path when using his Jump Pack leap. It will affect other heroes who are often in the air as well, like Pharah.

"We think these changes will overall be great improvements but there might be some unintended side effects that we’d love your help finding on the PTR!" Kaplan says.

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