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And it might appear in the next 'Borderlands' game.

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Is the Xbox Game Pass a Retail Killer?

Is the Xbox Game Pass a Retail Killer?

Last week, Microsoft announced Xbox Game Pass owners will get access to exclusive titles on launch day. Many retailers are unhappy with the change, according to GamesIndustry.biz.

Stuart Benson, who works at U.K. store Extreme Gamez, says, "Essentially, it's made [our Xbox business] worthless overnight. You've got the whole section sat there, and why would people buy a £12 to £15 second-hand game when they can just pay a tenner and get a massive catalogue of titles to keep them going? Effectively overnight they've wiped massive value off our company and made it not worth doing."

Extreme Gamez says it no longer plans to stock Xbox products. Austrian game retailer Gameware said the same last Thursday, according to VG247.

"For the consumer, it's absolutely fantastic. For us in retail, it just kills us outright," Benson says.

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