Daily Glixel: DICE 2018 to Honor Nintendo Hardware Designer Genyo Takeda

He helped create some of the company's most-loved consoles.

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'Gods & Glory' is 'Hollow Knight's' Latest DLC (Plus a Switch Update!)

Team Cherry has officially unveiled the third and final DLC for its Metroidvania game Hollow Knight. Gods & Glory adds a new character and quest, along with new boss fights, a new game mode, new music, and more. The update will be free for all players and it comes out sometime in early 2018.

Why the vague timeframe? Team Cherry says it's working on launching Hollow Knight on Switch first. "As much as we'd have loved to sneak the new content pack in, ready for Switch launch, we’d kill ourselves in the process. Expect Gods & Glory to land free for all players AFTER the initial Switch release," the team says.

There's still no official Switch release date yet. "Getting there!" Team Cherry says. But, here's some gameplay to tide us over.

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