Daily Glixel: 'Destiny 2's' Leviathan Raid Comes to PC

Eyes up, Guardians.

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'Destiny 2's' Leviathan Raid is Now Live on PC

Leviathan, Destiny 2's one and only raid (so far), launched on PC today. You'll need six players and a recommended Power level of 270 to tackle it. If you don't have five buddies to play with, Bungie is introducing Guided Games next week, a feature that pairs Clans up with solo players looking to do end game content. Guided Games launch November 7th, along with Leviathan's Prestige mode.

If you're thinking of trying Leviathan this week, keep in mind Destiny 2 servers are shutting down for scheduled maintenance on November 3rd beginning at 8 a.m. PT. Servers should reportedly come back online by 12 p.m., but that's just an estimate. (Thanks, GameSpot!)

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