Daily Glixel: 'Destiny 2' Bug Makes Warlocks The Bomb

Nova bomb. Get it?!

'Destiny 2' Warlock Glitch Won't Be Fixed Before 2018

'Destiny 2' Warlock Glitch Won't Be Fixed Before 2018

A Destiny 2 bug is causing a lot of headaches in the Crucible, the game's player-versus-player mode, but it won't be addressed until next year, Polygon reports. Guardians recently discovered a glitch allowing Voidwalker Warlocks to fire their super as often as they want. Naturally, it's wreaking havoc in PvP. Specifically, the Mayhem playlist, where ability cooldowns are reduced.

Destiny 2 developer Bungie said on Twitter yesterday the issue won't be resolved until 2018 after the Dawning event, which ends on January 9th. "We will provide additional information once available," the studio says.