Daily Glixel: 'Demon's Souls' Servers Prepare to Die

Atlus is shutting them down after eight years.

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Watch The First Hour of 'Star Citizen' 3.0

Massive exploration game Star Citizen's 3.0 alpha build launched recently, and you can check out its first hour of gameplay thanks to YouTuber Xenthor Xi (via Eurogamer). The 3.0 update gives players the ability to seamlessly fly to, and explore, planets, among other things. It was first shown off at Gamescom earlier this year, but several issues delayed its official launch. This YouTube footage is from the game's test server, and it's from the player's point-of-view. It's also in 4K ultra widescreen (if your monitor supports it and you care about such things). There's no word yet on when the 3.0 update will go live for all Star Citizen players.

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