Daily Glixel: Brace Yourselves, Steam Sales Are Coming

Dates for the next three sales leaked today.

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'Jagged Alliance' is Back … As a Board Game
Underground Games2/5

'Jagged Alliance' is Back … As a Board Game

Remember Jagged Alliance? The turn-based tactics franchise was popular in the late 1990s-early 2000s. Now, German developer Underground Games is launching a Kickstarter to bring the series back as a board game. Jagged Alliance: The Board Game lets 1-4 players work together as a mercenary team and fight to free the nation of Aruico from a cruel dictator's regime. As players progress through the campaign they gain experience levels, earn new weapons and gear, train militia, and go on extra missions to further the cause. The Kickstarter is asking for $59,093. Stretch goals include new characters, weapons, and scenarios.

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