Daily Glixel: Check out 'Monster Hunter: World's' Elder Dragons

The game's final beta launches January 18th.

'Monster Hunter: World' DLC And Final Beta Details (And Dragons!)

Capcom revealed new details about Monster Hunter: World's DLC and final beta during a live stream in Japan today. The beta begins in North America on January 18th for all PlayStation 4 owners and ends on January 22nd. It will include the Great Jagras, Anjanath, and Barroth quests from previous betas, along with a new fight against the "flagship" monster Nergigante.

Capcom also confirmed today that Monster Hunter: World will get plenty of post-launch support via regular content updates and major title updates. The first major title update lands in Spring 2018 and includes the fan-favorite Deviljho.

Oh, and there's also elder dragons.