Daily Glixel: Changes Are Coming to Steam's Curator System


Steam's Curator Program Gets a Facelift

Steam's Curator Program Gets a Facelift

Valve is working on some big changes to Steam's Curator system. It introduced the program three years ago and says it's gathered a lot of feedback from all kinds of perspectives.

"We've heard from players, from curators, from streamers, from game developers, and from all kinds of other tastemakers and content creators," Valve writes in a blog post. "The feedback is clear that the system needs to do a bunch of things better in order to work well for the three primary sets of people it's trying to serve: players, curators, and game developers."

Right now, Valve realizes curation isn't very rewarding, so it's adding to the kinds of content curators can create in Steam. It will start embedding curator video reviews. Curators can create lists of games they've reviewed that go together, such as "best couch co-op games" or "games by my favorite designer." They can also customize and brand their home page on Steam and see how their reviews are impacting follower behavior in the Steam store.

As for developers, Valve is making it easier to get their games in front of curators via a new system called Curator Connect. Through this system, devs can send copies of their games to curators directly through Steam.

Valve says it plans to run a beta for at least a couple of weeks before releasing the update to everyone.