Daily Glixel: CD Projekt Red Promises 'No Bullshit' With 'Cyberpunk 2077'

'We leave greed to others,' the developer tweeted this weekend.

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'Minecraft's' Next Update is Going Under The Sea

Things are about to get a lot livelier in Minecraft's blocky blue waters. The game's next update is adding shipwrecks, dolphins, tridents, and more. Mojang unveiled the new content during MinCon Earth this weekend. Dubbed the "Update Aquatic," it will reportedly split the oceans into biomes, each with its own type of fish, coral, and kelp. The patch will also change how water works. Items will start floating on the surface, and bubble columns caused by magma blocks will disrupt the buoyancy around them, drawing everything down into the ocean depths. Mojang will release the update on all platforms at the same time "more or less." "Maybe not on the same day, but more or less at the same time," said Mojang's Jens Bergensten.

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