Daily Glixel: Can You Beat 'Super Mario Odyssey' Without Jumping?

It's possible!

YouTuber Beats 'Super Mario Odyssey' Without Jumping

OK, this is pretty cool (thanks to Kotaku for spotting it). Mario is known for his springy jumps, but YouTuber Gamechamp3000 recently managed to complete Super Mario Odyssey without making a single one. Odyssey has an in-game jump counter you can view once you defeat Bowser. But, it only counts normal jumps, double jumps, triple jumps, backflips, side flips, long jumps, ground pound jumps, water jumps, and 2D jumps. Bouncing off of Cappy and jumping while "possessing" creatures don't count. Thanks to a lot of experimentation (and some help from the speedrunning and streaming communities), Gamechamp3000 managed to beat the game with the jump counter at zero. Check the video out for a more detailed description of how he accomplished it. It's interesting stuff.