Daily Glixel: Can We Haz 'Fortnite' Crossplay, Sony?

Even Xbox's Phil Spencer wants the feature

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Experience 'Ready Player One' in VR at SXSW

Experience 'Ready Player One' in VR at SXSW

The SXSW conference is happening this week, and attendees can get a glimpse of Ready Player One's virtual Oasis thanks to Vive and Warner Bros. The two companies are showcasing six new VR experiences set in the film's universe. There's also full replicas of pop-culture icons, a live VR DJ session by the film's lead actor, Tye Sheridan, and real-life build-outs of "The Stacks" from the book and film. Ready Player One debuts this week and early word of mouth is that it's actually kinda … good?

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