Daily Glixel: Can We Haz 'Fortnite' Crossplay, Sony?

Even Xbox's Phil Spencer wants the feature

Even Phil Spencer Wants 'Fortnite' Xbox One-PS4 Crossplay

Even Phil Spencer Wants 'Fortnite' Xbox One-PS4 Crossplay

Epic Games recently announced its online sandbox shooter Fortnite is getting cross play between Xbox One, PC, Mac, and mobile. The PlayStation 4 is notably absent from the list, and Xbox head Phil Spencer apparently wants to change that. When a fan said on Twitter this weekend he'd love to get Xbox One-PS4 crossplay, Spencer simply replied, "Me 2."

This isn't the first time Sony has refused to implement crossplay features with Microsoft. Last year, Minecraft's Better Together update united players across all platforms except the PlayStation. Rocket League also has crossplay support everywhere except on PS4.