Daily Glixel: Bungie is Apologizing For 'Destiny 2' (Again)

Players are miffed about a recent change to Faction Rally.

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'PUBG' is Changing How the Blue Zone Works

'PUBG' is Changing How the Blue Zone Works

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is making some balance tweaks to its blue zone, the area of the map that slowly contracts during each match, the team says in a Steam Community post.

During Early Access, the team says it received a lot of feedback about the pacing and distribution encounters in a match. Players complained it's too chaotic. With that in mind, the developers plan to slightly decrease the waiting time of the blue zones in the mid-to-late phases of a match. The blue zones during those phases will also shrink more slowly. Plus, the last blue zone will now do more damage per second. The team will test the changes for several days, then make more tweaks based on player feedback.

Additionally, the PUBG team says it recently identified over 100,000 cheaters and it will permanently ban the offenders "in a single wave."

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