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'No Man's Sky's' Waking Titan ARG is Back
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'No Man's Sky's' Waking Titan ARG is Back

Last year, No Man's Sky developer Hello Games teased the launch of its big 1.3 Atlus Rises update with an augmented reality game called Waking Titan. Now, it's back, and fans are already working to uncover its secrets, Eurogamer reports.

Atlas Rises added a number of big features and improvements to No Man's Sky, including a new storyline, portals, randomly generated quests, trading, and more. So, are more big changes on the way? Many fans think so, and they're combing the Waking Titan ARG for clues. So far, they've uncovered a Google Drive folder full of images reflected in mirrors, and Hello Games' Sean Murray made a cryptic Black Mirror tweet recently that Eurogamer calls "suspiciously timed."

What does it all mean?! If you want to help solve the mystery, you can catch up on its progress on the Waking Titan Wiki, then head over to the Waking Titan website. Good luck!

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