Daily Glixel: Bungie is Apologizing For 'Destiny 2' (Again)

Players are miffed about a recent change to Faction Rally.

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New Dev Diary Explores the Colorful World of 'Sea of Thieves'

Sea of Thieves' colorful, illustrative game world is designed to be "timeless and evocative of a pirate playground," Rare art director Ryan Stevenson says in a new developer diary. "We wanted to create a beautiful, interesting, and romantic world full of intrigue and beauty that the player can explore and discover," he says.

Each area of the game world is thematically different and has its own visual story to tell, Stevenson explains. The Wilds is dark and oppressive and full of hidden secrets, for example, while Plenty is an island paradise. "Each one is designed to give a different emotion to the player and also to feel like a beautiful experience in itself," Stevenson says.

Sea of Thieves comes out March 20th. A closed beta launches next week.

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