Daily Glixel: Blizzard World Opens For Business Next Week

The latest 'Overwatch' map is almost here. Get your tickets ready!

New 'Overwatch' Map Blizzard World Arrives Tuesday
Blizzard Entertainment1/5

New 'Overwatch' Map Blizzard World Arrives Tuesday

Overwatch's newest map arrives Tuesday, according to a tweet from the game's official Twitter account. "Epic memories can only be made in an epic world ... So, grab a ticket & join us for the GRAND OPENING of Blizzard World! Your adventure begins January 23," it says.

Blizzard World was unveiled at BlizzCon in November. It's a hybrid Assault/Escort map with an amusement park theme. If you don't want to wait until Tuesday, you can check it out now on Overwatch's public test realm.