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PS VR Game 'Stifled' Comes Out This Halloween
Gattai Games5/5

PS VR Game 'Stifled' Comes Out This Halloween

The concept behind Stifled is interesting. It is a "VR and mic-enabled sound-based stealth thriller," Gattai Games Managing Director Justin Ng writes on the PlayStation blog. And it's coming out on October 31st. It's pitch black world is illuminated by the sounds you make, which allows you to see your environment and pick up items. But, sound also alerts enemies to your presence.

Stifled began as a student project in 2013 called Lurking, Ng says. "That summer, the team and I chanced upon an animation of a blind girl finding her way around the world using sound, with the visuals reflecting the mood she was in, an animation that served as a springboard for us develop a 'sound-based' game." The project did well, so the team decided to turn it into a full-fledged game.

If you're a VR fan looking for a spooky new experience this Halloween, Stifled might be worth a shot.

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