Daily Glixel: Blizzard Sues an Obvious Chinese 'Overwatch' Clone

You're not fooling anyone, 'Heroes of Warfare.'

Blizzard is Suing an Alleged 'Overwatch' Ripoff in China

Blizzard China and online services provider NetEase are suing the maker of a mobile first-person shooter for ripping off the popular online game Overwatch, Kotaku reports.

Heroes of Warfare is a MOBA FPS on Android and iOS that blatantly copies Overwatch. Check out some of its gameplay, courtesy of Mobile Games & Tech. One character looks like the love child of McCree and Hanzo. Another character is heavily armored and deploys a large shield like Reinhardt. The map used in the video is obviously a recreation of Overwatch's Ilios, right down to the lighthouse control point and well in the center. Even the scoreboards are ripoffs.

Blizzard China and NetEase claim the game violates intellectual property law and China's unfair competition law. They want an apology and restitution, according to PC Watch. They also want the game removed from the Apple App Store.