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YouTubers to Settle Their Feud in the Boxing Ring
Joe Weller via Twitter2/4

YouTubers to Settle Their Feud in the Boxing Ring

Two prominent YouTubers are going to settle a (possibly fake) feud in the boxing ring this weekend, according to Polygon.

KSI was once part of the Sidemen, a group of British YouTubers who focused on video games. But, when he reportedly left the group on unfriendly terms, it began a months-long beef with Joe Weller, a friend of the Sidemen. The two engaged in diss tracks, insults, even an on-stage fight at the Upload festival. That's when the two announced they'd officially fight each other in a boxing match.

But, is any of it real? The whole thing feels like a wrestling beef, and both KSI and Weller allegedly fabricated drama in the past. KSI owned up to creating, or at least exaggerating, one such feud in a video (NSFW) back in November.

Real or not, KSI and Weller's fight is taking place on February 3rd at the Copper Box Arena in London. It begins at 4 p.m. ET and it will be streamed on both of their channels for free.

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