Daily Glixel: Blizzard Swings the Nerf Bat at Four 'Hearthstone' Cards

The never-ending quest for class balance continues.

Upcoming 'Hearthstone' Patch Nerfs Four Cards
Blizzard Entertainment1/4

Upcoming 'Hearthstone' Patch Nerfs Four Cards

Blizzard is working on a new Hearthstone update that will balance some of the game's strongest cards.

Bonemare, for example, has been quite strong in both constructed and Arena, the studio says. So, it's increasing its mana cost by 1 to "give opponents more time to utilize powerful late-game card to counteract Bonemare's effect on the board."

Corridor Creeper is also getting a tweak. Due to the way its mana cost reduction works, it can cause big swings on the board. "By lowering its attack, we reduce the overall swing potential and power level of the card, but still allow players who draw it early to benefit from having a low-cost minion to play when the game state is ideal," Blizzard says.

Meanwhile, Patches the Pirate is losing his ability to charge and Raza the Chained's battlecry will now reduce the hero's power cost to one instead of zero.

Update 10.2 comes out next month.