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Orlando Magic Player Rehabilitated an Injury With Video Games
Nikola Vucevic NBA3/5

Orlando Magic Player Rehabilitated an Injury With Video Games

When Orlando Magic center Nikola Vucevic recently fractured his left hand, doctors encouraged him to play video games as a form of rehabilitation, according to a post on the team's official website. Why? They believe manipulating a game controller will help him improve strength and flexibility quicker.

"They said anything where I'm using the hand – even playing video games – will be good for it, so I'm doing it," Vucevic says.

Vucevic isn't the first player to use video games as physical therapy. The Boston Celtics reportedly made injured forward Gordon Hayward compete online in virtual reality games after a gruesome ankle injury.

"I think (playing video games) is not a bad idea at all," Vucevic says. "Video games are obviously a big part of today's world, especially with us younger guys in the NBA who grew up around them. When we play them with our friends, we always want to win, so it does help with that competitive edge, for sure."

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