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Egyptian Startup Uses Video Games to Tackle Social Issues
'Zwila' is a game about Muhammad Ali and the Mamluks in Egypt during the 19th century. Castling Studios5/5

Egyptian Startup Uses Video Games to Tackle Social Issues

Castling Studios is an indie developer trying to offer video games with a Middle Eastern perspective, according to The Africa Report.

"We are trying to offer something new because when the West develops games even on the Middle East or the Egyptian culture, they do so from their own perspective. But when we develop the games we make them better because we know more about the experiences we have lived through and continue to see the wrong practices happening and we know what the right things are," says co-founder Ahmed Hesham.

For example, one of the games Castling is working on is called Bara'a or "Innocence." Created in collaboration with the United Nations, it tackles the social issue of female genital mutilation. Another game, Wazafny Shokran, teaches communication skills to manual workers who want to go on job interviews.

Founded by eight people who studied game development at Cairo's Information Technology Institute, it's created more than seven games so far. Most of them are still in the prototype phase, but the first is expected to come out on mobile platforms within the next few months.

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