Daily Glixel: 'Oxenfree' Studio's Next Game is About Drinking With Satan

It comes out sometime in 2019.

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PSA: 'Hitman's' Paris Level is Free For the Holidays
IO Interactive4/5

PSA: 'Hitman's' Paris Level is Free For the Holidays

Want to ring in the new year with a little murder and mayhem? Io Interactive is celebrating the season by giving away a free Hitman level. From today until January 5th, anyone on PC, PS4 or Xbox One download the Hitman Holiday Pack and get full access to the Paris destination. The pack includes the game's first major story mission, "Showstopper,' plus all of the Paris Escalation Contracts, the "Holiday Hoarders" mission, and the Paris Challenge Packs. If you download and play the Holiday Pack, Io Interactive says all of your progress will carry through to the full game if you choose to upgrade to the Game of the Year Edition.

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