Daily Glixel: 'Absolver,' Nathan Fillion, and Octopus Fairies

Oh, my!

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'GTA' Mod Combines 'Rick and Morty' With 'Mario Kart' Because Why Not?

Technically this video came out in June, but it's cool and we're going to talk about it anyway, OK? YouTuber Modded Games has created a Grand Theft Auto V mod that takes Rick and Morty's eponymous characters and their portal guns and drops them into various game worlds. Watch as they take a helicopter tour of GTA IV's Liberty City, drive around the tracks of Mario Kart 8, and hang with Xenomorphs on an alien spaceship. If you want to try the mods out for yourself, you can download the Rick and Morty re-skins here and the portal gun mod here (thanks IGN!).

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