Daily Glixel: 'Absolver,' Nathan Fillion, and Octopus Fairies

Oh, my!

'Absolver' Launches on PS4 and PC

Online martial arts brawler Absolver is out today. The debut project from indie developer Sloclap is the most pre-ordered game ever for publisher Devolver Digital. Featuring deep fighting mechanics, it pits players vs. both AI-controlled opponents and other live players. As people roam through the game world on their own independent "servers," they encounter other fighters and have the option to spar, fight, or cooperate. As players team up, they learn new moves and gain experience used to upgrade attributes and skills. They can also apparently create their own unique fighting schools. If you're interested in getting in touch with your inner Bruce Lee, you can grab the game on PlayStation 4 or PC for $29.99.