Daily Glixel: A New 'Dungeons & Dragons' Mobile Game is Coming

Yes, there will be gelatinous cubes.

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Sony Turned an NBA Halftime Show Into a 'God of War' Ad

The God of War reboot is coming out April 20th, and Sony is advertising it in some unusual places. First, there's the God of War text adventure on Facebook Messenger. Then, it made a big appearance during the Golden State Warriors vs. San Antonio Spurs game in Oakland on Saturday. Sony used projection mapping to project a vignette onto the court showing Kratos and Atreus battling Draugr, Helwalkers, and a particularly grumpy Ogre. The sequence doesn't appear in the game, according to a post from Santa Monica Studios' Cory Barlog on the PlayStation Blog. You can check it out in the above video.

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