Daily Glixel: A Lot of 'Mega Man' Games Are Coming to Switch

Retro gamers, rejoice!

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'Monster Hunter World' Beta Starts This Weekend

'Monster Hunter World' Beta Starts This Weekend

Heads up, Monster Hunter fans! If you want to get a little hands-on quality time with Capcom's upcoming MMO-ish Monster Hunter: World, the beta test kicks off Saturday, December 9th. People participating in the beta can travel to the game's Ancient Forest zone and take on a scavenging behemoth called a Great Jagras or a fiery and territorial Anjanath. They can also go to the desert land called Wildspire Waste and tussle with an armored Barroth. The beta lasts three days. Monster Hunter: World launches January 26th on PS4. A PC release is coming at a later date.

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