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Zynga's 'CSR Racing 2' Gets an AR Mode

Zynga's 'CSR Racing 2' Gets an AR Mode

Fans of Zynga's mobile drag racing game CSR Racing 2 can now show off their rides in real-world environments via augmented reality. Designed with Apple's ARKit exclusively for iPhones and iPads with iOS11, the new AR mode lets players resize their vehicles for real-world or model scale, apply physically-based shading or reflections, then capture a photo to share across social media.

"Stunning visual fidelity, unparalleled vehicle authenticity and genre-defining levels of customization are the cornerstones of CSR2," said Julian Widdows, vice president of Games, CSR2. "AR is the perfect platform to showcase the incredible level of detail and care we take in seamlessly recreating some of the world's most desired cars by bringing them off the mobile screen and into our players’ very own driveways. Leveraging Apple’s ARKit, CSR2’s AR Mode blurs the line between the digital and real-world, delivering an immersive experience that puts our players in the owner’s seat of the car of their dreams."