Daily Glixel: A 'Hearthstone' Showboater Gets His Just Desserts

And it looks delicious.

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Watch This 'Hearthstone' Streamer Get Sweet Justice on a Showboater

Every gamer is on the receiving end of a gloater or showboater at some point. So, it's quite satisfying to see one get a little well-deserved justice. That's undoubtedly why Save File 17 posted this video to YouTube earlier this week. The Hearthstone streamer was out of cards and about to lose a match. His opponent had lethal damage on the board, but instead of going for the kill he decides to get showy and play Deathwing, a beefy 10-cost, 12/12 card that destroys everything else on the board. Well, watch the video and see what happens next. It's sweet, sweet karma. (Thanks, Kotaku!)

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