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Some 'Marvel Heroes' Players Are Demanding Refunds

Some 'Marvel Heroes' Players Are Demanding Refunds

Earlier this week, Disney announced it's shutting down online action-RPG Marvel Heroes. First released on PC in 2013, it was a free-to-play Diablo clone that offered playable Marvel characters like Spider-Man and Deadpool as microtransactions. A console port came out in June. Now, Kotaku reports some players want a refund. One person, who goes by EITTurtle, reportedly bought the Xbox version in July and spent $400 in microtransactions, only to have Disney pull the plug four months later. He tells Kotaku when he tried to get a refund, Xbox Support said they didn't have official word yet on how developer Gazillion plans to handle the process. Other players also documented their own failed attempts to get refunds on the /r/MarvelHeroes subreddit.

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