Daily Glixel: A 'Duke Nukem' Movie is Happening

Yes, Michael Bay is involved somehow.

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'Warframe' Brings Ghoul Purge Bounties to PS4, Xbox One
Digital Extremes4/5

'Warframe' Brings Ghoul Purge Bounties to PS4, Xbox One

Free-to-play action game Warframe just got a dose of new content today. Four-packs of Grineer Ghouls are now infesting the Plains of Eidolon and players can hunt them down using a variety of new weapons. Tenno roaming the plains will also now encounter new dynamic weather effects, including rain, lightning, changing winds, and cloud patterns. Finally, customizable personal quarters arrive today. Tenno can decorate their space with an assortment of items, including figures, companion toys and beds, wallpaper, even a fish tank. Naturally, you can invite friends over for a visit too. The update is free and available to download now.

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