Daily Glixel: A Double Dose of 'Fortnite' News

Because why not?

'Fortnite' is Getting Jetpacks, Just Not Yet
Epic Games (via PC Gamer)1/5

'Fortnite' is Getting Jetpacks, Just Not Yet

Millions of Fortnite players can soon get in touch with their inner Boba Fett. Jetpacks are coming to its Battle Royale mode, according to PC Gamer. Epic hasn't officially announced the item yet, but it appears on the "New Updates" screen when players log into the game. It has a gold background, which apparently means it's a legendary item. Players are already finding interesting ways to get around in Fortnite. Adding jetpacks to the mix should be interesting!

But in a surprise forum post, the Fortnite Team is saying that this week's new item won't be the jetpack, but rather a hunting rifle. "We found a last minute design issue with the Jetpack that’s going to delay its launch and we’re working on correcting it. The Jetpack will lift off at a later time. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to enjoy lots of no-scopes with the new Hunting Rifle item and a new, lucky point of interest on the map."