Cult 'Twin Peaks' Style Mystery 'Deadly Premonition' Gets a Board Game

"A game of innocence, incrimination and murder" is on the way, and there's a countdown

Rising Star Games

Deadly Premonition, a 2010 survival horror game from Access Games and eccentric developer Hidetaka "Swery65" Suehiro, is getting a board game adaptation seven years later. A teaser site, video and countdown all went live today.

In case you missed out of the baffling weirdness all those years ago, the plot centres around FBI Special Agent Francis York Morgan and the Raincoat Killer. There are supernatural elements to the plot as well, including rooms that Morgan must visit that represent the human subconscious. 

"Honesty, I am not involved in the making deeply. However I am supervising and support this project in order to continue Deadly Prem world," says Suehiro on social media. 

Neither the teaser trailer or the charming video from Suehiro sheds much light on how the game will be played, but details from Gamespot suggest the game will be a Kickstarter project, asking $50,000 and if funded will be out this year.