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'For Honor' tournament player uses exploit, Yoko Taro saves Platinum Games, and 'Conan Exiles' gets underpants (in America)

'For Honor' Player Wins Tournament, $10,000 Using Exploit
A Nobushi from the video game 'For Honor.' Ubisoft1/5

'For Honor' Player Wins Tournament, $10,000 Using Exploit

For Honor's Season Three tournament winner used dishonorable methods to achieve victory this weekend, Kotaku reports. Jakub "SB.Alernakin" Palen reportedly took advantage of a long-standing exploit to secure his win. The bug gives the game's Nobushi heroes a competitive edge by making certain attacks un-blockable. "There are a number of situations where unlocking [tech] during an attack can cause it to become un-parryable by the opponent," developer Ubisoft Montreal said in a recent update. "Across the game, we're currently working to remove this unintended behavior." While awarding Palen his trophy, For Honor creative director Jason VandenBerghe threw a little shade his way. "Good job, buddy. Soon you may have to change your play style." Palen took home $10,000 for the win.