Daily Glixel: No Full-Frontal Nudity for American 'Conan Exiles'; 'For Honor' Cheater

'For Honor' tournament player uses exploit, Yoko Taro saves Platinum Games, and 'Conan Exiles' gets underpants (in America)

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Blizzard to Launch Diversity and Inclusion Initiative
The heroes of 'Overwatch' Blizzard Entertainment5/5

Blizzard to Launch Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

Game developer Blizzard Entertainment wants to be a more welcoming workplace for women and POCs, according to an internal email Kotaku received last week. Company president Mike Morhaime said in the memo that only 21 percent of his employees are women and that "they leave our organization at a higher rate than men." Meanwhile, only 14 percent of employees are from other underrepresented minority groups. Blizzard wants to change that. Its new diversity initiative will focus on women first, Kotaku said, but will expand plans later this year. While Morhaime claims the company won't set "quotas" for hiring female workers, he said Blizzard wants its employees to refer more qualified women to open positions. He also outlined other steps the company plans to take, including networking sessions, an annual "Women @ Blizzard" summit, and improved bias training for managers.

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