Colorful Fighting Game 'Fantasy Strike' Hits Switch This Summer

It's designed to specifically work with the Switch's Joy-Cons

Credit: Sirlin Games

Sirlin Games' gorgeous Fantasy Strike is heading to Switch this summer, Nintendo revealed today during a "Nindies" live stream.

Fantasy Strike promises nuanced, yet simple fighting mechanics designed specifically to work with the Switch's Joy-Cons (the Pro controller is also supported). All moves are apparently just a single button press, and character move lists are concise. But, it's also reportedly designed as a competitive tournament game with an emphasis on depth and balance.

Fantasy Strike will have online multiplayer with quick matches, ranked play (simulated 8-person tournaments), and 1v1 or 3v3 friend matches. There's also a local multiplayer mode available using detached Joy-Cons. And, of course, there's an arcade mode with illustrated and voiced story sequences for each character.