Climbing and Vaulting Coming to 'PUBG' Test Servers Soon

Bluehole also plans to "merge improvements, bug fixes and other features all at once to the test servers"

Climbing and Vaulting mechanics will soon go live for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, developer Bluehole recently revealed

Vaulting and climbing will be the "main focus" of the test servers before the game's PC 1.0 release sometime early next month, needing a "minimum" of three days of testing. "We ask you to play in the test servers, and try this feature out. We will make a separate announcement about a detailed schedule and the contents of the first round of test servers soon. We will do the same for the second and third rounds of test servers which will follow," the developer said. 

In the same post, Bluehole maintains its committed to getting the full release of Battlegrounds out this year – no word on specifics – and to do that requires lots of bug fixes and optimization, something it says its working "diligently" on. These fixes, the company added, will be in the upcoming test servers it plans to run at least three times before official release. 

"However, the announcements for what is being implemented into the test servers may be delayed and often published on short notice," Bluehole said. "This is because we are constantly trying to implement and fix as many things as possible, and we want to make sure that our announcements to the community are as accurate as they can be."

The company also announced its plans to "merge improvements, bug fixes and other features all at once to the test servers, which will then be implemented cumulatively for the 1.0 release." This, the company hopes, will make it easier to address player feedback, as its development build and the game's live build are separate. 

Finally, the game's most recent patch increases the damage the blue zone does over time to encourage players to stay in the play zone, rather than camping in the ever-moving blue zone. The patch also fixes a bug that made bullets ignore armor. 

While we don't have a release date for Battlegrounds yet, it's safe to assume it'll be a smash success when it fully releases on PC and Xbox One. Still in early access, the game's already become Steam's most played game