Check Out the New 'Overwatch' Moon Base Assault Map

Prepare to battle in low gravity across every 'Overwatch' map


There's a brand new assault map for Blizzard's Overwatch, and it's on the fricking moon. The Horizon Lunar Colony is a science focused habitat that studied humans and apes until a simian mutiny ended it all. It is of course the childhood home of Winston, everyone's favorite well-spoken gorilla. 

"We're playing around with some really fun elements in this assault map," says Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan. "Both the attackers and defenders on the first point that you're tying to capture have some interesting high-ground options."

He also addresses one of the moon's biggest selling points, gravity or the lack of it. "We explored a lot of different options for the moon map. At first we had low gravity for the whole map and we felt like it sort of turned the game into a little bit of a gimmick," he says. "It took away from the competitive nature of Overwatch and the solid feel of the game, but didn't want to get rid of that altogether." So low gravity will play a part in sections of the map, thanks to airlocks. 

But you'll get to try out having low gravity on all the Overwatch maps, just for fun. "You can use the custom game browser to find new and fun uses of altered gravity too." 

The map will also help tell more of Winston's story, you can find his room, read computer screens and spot things left behind by the human scientists. 

The map will be available soon, but PC players can currently check it out on the Overwatch Public Test Region.