Check out the 'Doom 2' Meets 'Superhot' Mashup

Modder Ludus Regard is building a 'Superdoom' mod that brings the old and new shooters together

Ludus Regard

It's hard to think of two more different shooters than minimalist time-warper Superhot and the old school Doom 2, but modder Ludus Regard is smashing them together to create something beautiful.

Superdoom is a mod for Doom 2 that Ludus Regard is working on right now, and he's hoping to have a first version or beta finished by the end of February as part of a Superhot inspired competition on a major modding site. 

In indie game Superhot time only moves when the player does, which puts an intriguing spin on the classic Doom mayhem. The video above shows very early footage from the experiment, but plenty of potential. 

"I've been taking a few notes from Hotline: Miami as the more I got into this project, the more I started noticing how Superhot in fast motion is just FPS Hotline: Miami," he says.

"If I can't get slow mo to work as good as I want it to, I'll just amp up the pace to hit that visceral Hotline: Miami feel."

You can follow Ludus Regard's progress and developer logs at modding site ModDb