Cartoon Network's 'OK K.O.' Game To Be Released This Month

Will have a similar plot to the show

Cartoon Network's 'OK K.O.' Game To Be Released This Month

OK K.O.! Let's Play Heroes, a side-scrolling RPG game based on the popular Cartoon Network show OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes, is being released on January 23rd, creator Ian-Jones Quartey announced in a post on the PlayStation Blog. Check out the game's first gameplay trailer above. 

In the post, Quartey said he's "immediately wary" of tie-in games. Making his own, he felt he needed to do something different. 

"We wanted to find a developer with an affinity for the material, and create the game in tandem with the show so neither the game developers or animators are trying to imitate one another," Quarterly added.

Let's Play Heroes is a collaboration between Cartoon Network and Capybara Games, the developer of Super Time Force and the forthcoming Below. 

"The basic idea for the game came from a couple of great hangouts where we geeked out about games we love, weird gameplay concepts and ideas for jokes," Quartey said about the partnership. "We immediately invited Capy into the animation process, so they could understand the characters and see where we were headed. It became a true collaboration, with Capy integrating many of our ideas into the game, while the show team found similar inspiration in many of Capy’s ideas. In the end, Capy created an awesome game, with a storyline that works on its own."

"I’m a big fan of when pieces of media feel personal to the people who made them – the OK KO! show is a labor of love and you can see the fingerprints of the artists in the final product," the creator added. "The game is the same way. You can see a specific, personal style that is all Capy! There’s also tons of original animation by Capy and Exit 73 Studios. And the game features an amazing soundtrack by doseone (whos music you may have heard in Samurai Gunn, Enter the Gungeon, Niddhogg 2 and others)." 

Let's Play Heroes, like the show, will put players in the shoes of kids who work at a convenience store, but who are also heroes. Players will go on various quests, helping friends and trying to hone their own skills. "In the game, these quests play out kind of like a season of short episodes, where you’re helping people at Lakewood Plaza Turbo, and as you build stronger relationships with those characters, you get to call them in to assist you in battle."

OK K.O.! Let's Play Heroes will be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.