Capcom is Developing Something New That'll Make 'Ace Attorney' Fans 'Happy'

No details, yet

Capcom is working on something new it thinks will make Ace Attorney fans "happy," according to producer Motohiro Eshiro in an interview with the Japanese site 4Gamer (via GoNintendo).

The full quote from Eshiro is as follows:

“I believe we’ll continue working on something that will make Ace Attorney series fans happy. We’re also currently coming up with a new title, so personally speaking I think it’ll be a challenging year.”

It's unclear whether or not the Ace Attorney comment and the new title are related. 

The Ace Attorney series debuted in 2001 with the game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney on the Game Boy Advance. The series' most-recent release was in 2016 with the game Ace Attorney 6, released for mobile devices and the Nintendo 3DS.