Bungie's Luke Smith to Deliver PAX West 2017 Keynote

Plus, the Indie Megabooth announces its lineup

Luke Smith Credit: Bungie

Bungie writer Luke Smith will deliver this year's PAX West keynote speech, event organizer Penny Arcade announced today. Smith is the creative director on Destiny 2. He also worked on Destiny expansion "The Taken King," and helped design the MMO's raids. During his keynote, he'll talk about his experiences in the gaming industry, and maybe drop some hints about his current project.

"Luke Smith has been around the block, and I can't wait to pick his brain about it," said Penny Arcade co-founder Jerry Holkins. "I'm also going to see if they need writers over there at Bungie, because I've written a lot of fan fiction under various pseudonyms and I've got a ton of great ideas."

The Indie Megabooth also announced its PAX lineup today. It will feature 84 playable games, including notable titles like Thimbleweed Park, Obduction, and The Church in the Darkness.

You can view the full PAX West 2017 schedule here. The event takes place September 1st-4th in Seattle, Washington. Tickets are already sold out, but you can catch a lot of the action on the expo's official Twitch channel.