Bungie Working On Update For 'Destiny 2' Shader System

No word on when the fix may come, though

Addressing controversy over its shader mechanic, developer Bungie recently revealed it's planning to fix this system to meet player desires.

In the game, shaders are used to change the colors of in-game items, but it's become the thing of criticism for many players who dislike their new one-use nature and ties to the Eververse store. 

"Since the launch of Destiny 2, we’ve gathered a lot of feedback on the new shader system. As time went on, and the shaders began to pile up, players lamented the cumbersome process of trying to delete each shader one by one," Bungie said. "You’ve been asking us why we can’t just allow you to dismantle entire stacks of shaders. I mean, there are other consumables that can be dismantled en masse. It’s a totally reasonable question and we wanted to let you know the facts. We’re not making excuses or claiming this problem is too hard to solve. We just want to be transparent about what the problem is, and how we are going to go about solving it."

According to senior design lead Tyson Green, because shaders are individual items that trigger individual reward bundles when taken apart, doing so presents a challenge the team hasn't addressed: "triggering dozens (or hundreds) of reward bundles simultaneously when an entire stack of shaders is dismantled," as Green puts it. 

The developer continues, saying it'd be easy to map a quick button press deleting a whole stack, but this isn't what players are asking for. So, looking for a better solution, Green revealed Bungie will be addressing the following criticisms:

  • It should be easier to get rid of a stack of shaders. We are looking at mass exchange solutions.
  • We know you miss D1 Armor Shader mechanics. Looking at ways to re-integrate that capability without losing the ability to shade weapons, Ghosts, ships, Sparrows, or customize specific pieces of armor.
  • We also understand you want shaders to be more freely usable and not limited by availability. We’re looking at re-introducing shader collections or a way to get copies of a shader in your possession.

Bungie doesn't have any solutions yet, but Green did say the company will keep players in the loop when it has a fix it can "test and certify."

"For now, it was important to us that you know it’s on our workbench," he concluded.