Bungie Details New 'Destiny' Companion App, Talks High Hopes for Guided Games

"It'd be amazing if everyone thought as positively of these innovations as they do for matchmaking with 'Halo 2,' " says Bungie's Mark Noseworthy

Destiny companion app Credit: Bungie

Last week, Bungie released a major update to their Destiny Companion for Android and iOS, now they've provided players with some detailed patch notes explaining Destiny 2's impact on the app. The overhaul enhances certain existing features while streamlining things in preparation for the upcoming sequel.

Some of the major returning features include things like gear management, in-game progress reports (what Destiny 2's interface calls "Milestones"), and looking-for-group functionality to help players form up into Fireteams. An "Explore" tab will serve as the app's home page, giving gamers quick access to the latest news, hotfix notes, and goings-on within the community.

With Guided Games on the way, however, the Companion's most important new feature has to be the clans system. Players will be able to send invites, edit and manage their clan's profile, and check on the clan's collective progress – all in the interest of earning more loot – from the app.

While the first Destiny featured a rudimentary clan roster that tied into players' Bungie.net profiles, the developer hopes that the all-new approach to clans in Destiny 2 will allow more players to experience high-level endgame content than ever before. Project lead Mark Noseworthy goes so far as to compare it to the matchmaking system Bungie implemented for Halo 2 over a decade ago, which set the standard online multiplayer shooters.

"When we think about something like Halo 2," Noseworthy says, "it added matchmaking and a very simple version of clans, which was really just a friends list. We've thought about clans and Guided Games in Destiny 2 similarly, like: could this be the key? In ten years, when people think about Destiny 2, will they remember those features as a turning point for the Destiny franchise? When it made it so that everyone, regardless of how big their friends list was, suddenly had a social circle willing to play the raid with them? So that everyone could play the pinnacle activities? That everyone valued the presence of other people in the world? Not just because they all shot bullets together and did more DPS, but because when they finished a Strike they were getting experience that was accruing to their clan – and then that was all building up into a big pot of gold that eventually was going to spray everyone in the clan with rewards?"

With D2 dropping next week, it's worth installing the app and having a look; it sounds like it's going to be a useful tool once your new adventure begins.