Bungie Details Its Plans For "Seasons" in 'Destiny 2'

The company is planning four seasons a year

Destiny 2 will have what the developer calls "seasons," Bungie revealed recently during a panel at Twitchcon. We're currently in the first season of the game, with the second season planned for this winter. 

Before the second season rolls out, Bungie said it planned to launch another Iron Banner and Faction Rally. No word on when these will take place, but the developer did confirm it'd be after the game launches on PC – which makes sense, as it launches on PC tomorrow, October 24th. Once all versions of the game are out, season events will be on the same schedule. 

As detailed on Reddit, Bungie currently has plans for four Destiny 2 seasons a year, though its unclear how long of a tail the company sees the game having. The game's first expansion, the Osiris DLC, is slated for release sometime this winter alongside what the company sees as the second season. Seasons will also come with their own exclusive cosmetics, emotes and gear that will be specific to that season, and inaccessible in other seasons. 

Season two will add Ice Hockey to the game, as well as seeing the return of its Dawning event. Players will also be able to engage in winter activities such as snowball fights. 

As reported by Kotaku, seasons will reset a player's Clan progress in an effort to "make it so that new clans could keep pace with more established, high-level clans." The company also plans to do major tweaks between seasons during seasons turnovers, as well as introducing new game content.

The point of these seasons, Bungie said, is to make "more predictable time tables" about what players can expect in the game and when. They also will help players play when they feel like it and show up to only important events, instead of having to feel like they should be playing the game at all times to get the best results.